NeuroTherapies Clinic

WANTED :    People who are in pain

People who want to change the way their relationships are

People who want some ‘Me’ time….

People who want to learn Yuan Tze Zhineng Qigong & Ren Xue Healing

Knowing where to find this Help for a balanced life is important to you

My Alternative and Complimentary therapies are all available to you here

About admin

I am Eileen Connelly. All my life I have been interested in the use of energy and words for healing and Peace of mind. This curiosity led me along the path of psycology and philosophy. I have a post graduate degree in Clinical NeuroMuscular Therapy and have studied anatomical dissection at Auckland hospital dissection lab. I have studied Mind & Meditation with teachings from Buddhists. I have a high success rate for resolving life issues and relieving pain whether pre or post operation. "Natural forces within us are the truehealers of disease." – Hippocrates
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