Thank you for all the help you have given me so far, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to go for this (job) without your guidance… J

Eileen is a fantastic healer. She is extremely dedicated to her art, Neuromuscular Therapy, and has and continues to heavily study to keep her skills at the top. Eileen is very thorough in her initial investigations, looking for the root cause of your problem, and then applies the most appropriate therapy. She is very personable and explains the entire process in a way you can understand. I would recommend Eileen to anyone looking to increase their health quality, whether or not they have a particular muscle or skeletal problem.”

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity – P. Garlick

Hi Eileen

Tuesday’s session gave me immediate relief.  As soon as I got home I realised the dull pain had reduced and I was no longer being guarded in my every movement.  I also slept more comfortably that night (with my “new” towel pillow).  So if you did something new/different during Tuesdays session it gave immediate results.  If you can identify something specific in the treatment  I’d like to know as it may inform my preventive plans and I may need to ask for it again in the future.  I realise it may be something more general or holistic but there was a significant improvement between when I arrived for treatment and getting home 2 hours later.  Now Thursday evening and the benefits are remaining.  I know I’m “in recovery” but I did manage quite a few jobs around the house today.

I have transferred payment to your account today.

Thanks again, see you next Tuesday.




Hi there Eileen,

Regarding my neck & shoulder, I`ve not needed a single painkiller since I saw you last week.  It`s amazing.  It`s been quite stiff & occasionally a bit painful, but nothing compared to what it was.  I`ll see you very soon. Blow them away with your speech tonight.

Luv Niki.

You will be such a blessing to those who have the wisdom to seek you out. Congratulations JMcL

*Disclaimer Results of treatment differ from person to person as each person is unique