TMJ Relief

Freedom from pain  for Temporo Mandibular Jaw Syndrome (TMJ) in one session with further management sessions advised.  Freedom from jaw and phantom tooth pain in 10 mins

You probably already know this – that it is possible to have pain in your gum where a tooth used to be, this is called phantom pain, and it hurts like the real thing!  TMJ treatment can get you out of that pain and you begin to notice how much relief you are feeling and forget about what you had.

Have you noticed yet that I have quite a few methods to take your pain away!

You will start to feel better and better about how NeuroTherpies Clinic can gently guide you and slowly your problems will disappear.

The further and further you read into my website the more you will realize that there is help here for you.

Are you beginning to see how there is help available for you?

*Disclaimer Results of treatment differ from person to person as each person is unique

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