Clinical NeuroMuscular Therapy


Now –  I would like to help you experience the freedom of a body that feels great!

CNMT (Paul St John method) is set apart from traditional massage therapy.  The circulation of the nervous currents, slows down occasionally because of the obstruction caused by adhesions, the muscular fibres harden, and the nervous currents cannot pass through them.

CNMT is an effective and positive method designed to restore nervure equilibrium which promotes the healthy circulation of blood, so that new tissues begin to be built up again.  Our method of treatment, by the removal of all obstacles to the flow of nervous current – allows energy to proceed unimpeded.

Lesions are associated wth:

1) Congestion of local connective tissue

2) Disturbance of acid balance of connective tissue

3) Fibrous infiltration (adhesions)

4) Chronic muscular contractions or heyper or hypertrophic (tone) changes

What would bring this on?


1) Fatique exhaustion, bad posture

2) Localised  trauma

3) Systemic toxaemia (lack of exercise & oxygen)

4) Diet deficiency

5 Psycosomatic causes bring about muscular tensions

*Disclaimer Results of treatment differ from person to person as each person is unique

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