QUIESCERE Meditation


QUIESCERE – To be Quiet….

I teach how to ‘begin’ meditation.  We observe how our mind operates on ‘automatic pilot’ and how we are habitually not present.

Exercises are introduced for cultivating Peace in our daily lives, so that when we need  calm awareness to help us, it is easily available to us.

Is too much attention being paid to housing, clothing – attachment to things?  Is too much going on?

In this world, where so much is viewed on a screen, humans appear to be in danger of becoming susceptible to insular, heightened encephalic activity alongside scarce use of muscular mobility.  The tiredness which ensues from working and functioning in these unreliable environments, gives rise to the need to exercise the body.  The need to move, and the inability to be inclined to do so, the tiredness, the lack of motivation to exercise, ensuing loss of self esteem, begins a downward spiral of health and resulting disease of the body, and increases psychological distress.

Our consciousness, dominated by unhealthy patterns, and activities seems to be the greatest source of problems in life.  First, realising and being aware of our loss of health, lack of happiness, no sense of well being, stumbling blocks to growth, and failing to realise the true value of life can bring about our own awakening.  Healthy thoughts seem to be on a par with unhealthy ones, thus cancelling out growth.  By continuing to develop and cancel out or change unhealthy patterns we can develop realization and make further developments into realization.

How can we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and be ready for a new chapter in life?

Meditation assists to unravel the ‘chatter’ of the mind, eliminate tiredness, enhance friendships, bring together like minds, and new friendships.  A new time of civilization and development for us all, at any age.

The guidance of  Meditation brings together personalities and the individual’s characteristics of energy and mind, and the overall manifestations of all activities of life, interests, emotions, feelings, attitudes, abilities and behaviours, physical conditions and states of body and mind.  The influences of a person’s personality, is observed by other group members.  Others who have been influenced by the environment they grew up in, their education, culture and economy, and the related activities of their consciousness and patterns of behaviour, all formed at an early age.

Humans are social beings, constantly interacting with other people, animals, and nature – and with all that goes on in society, initiating cause and effect.  The human interactions can have an conscious process of interacting with one another, influencing or not.  In group work we receive feed back from others, and the feedback which makes a person feel good will be reinforced and confirmed, whilst negative feedback will be abandoned.  This information is retained in the brain and shows as personality traits or patterns.  Personality forms an influencing cycle of character, which is our fate.

Every person has a unique personality, and no one has a perfect personality – so everyone has room for improvement!  People from all walks and levels in life, brings together a oneness, and affirmation of self.  Observing how our personality has affected our lives, and looking for any aspect of life that is totally free of any influence from our personality, is a moment in each group where we all function from the same level.

It is necessary to identify the negative influences on the body, of our compulsion.  To learn how the mind can let go of habits, let go of thoughts, to listen to silence and peace.  However, this is only momentary, as our desire to run with random thoughts continues…

You can learn how to identify and let go of these negative traits, which have negative influences on the body, sapping it’s energy and that of the consciousness causing holistic disharmony in relationships with self, family and others, even nature.  Consistent effort to improve our personality by working on the  Meditation process is key for authentic change to occur.

Essential qualities of life are trust, love, openness, gratitude and peace.  Moral values, moral standards and mind patterns get in the way.  Making real change to the consciousness patterns are at the root of human suffering. For this reason work on  Meditation has a very important place in life. Cultivating work on these qualities help us to build a healthy relationship with ourselves, harmonizing and improving our own health.  Changing and replacing unhealthy mind patterns on both the behavioural and the consciousness level.  Establishing Meditation and it’s qualities internally, can create the foundation for manifesting our behaviours externally and help us to build harmonious relationships within the group and beyond.

We all recognise an unsettled mind, live with it and ignore it, but what does a settled mind feel like?  So much time is spent thinking about the past or the future, and no time is spent enjoying our life in this moment.  Meditation helps us to find a way to care for ourselves, and in turn, others, over time, it creates a feeling of well being.

All practices of Meditation create a sense of being brought back into the moment.  You can feel entirely free and remote within yourself.  Calming the mind, and energy cells in unification and finding a fundamental way to deal with problems.  It is not just a practice, but a new way of life.  A new way of life which can turn around stagnant thinking and assist the student to become more motivated in life.

Meditation is a life skill which can deepen our sense of well-being and fulfillment.  It involves paying attention to what is occurring in our present moment experience, with an attitude of openness and non-judgemental acceptance.  it engages all of our senses as we open to our entire experience becoming aware of our body, emotions, thoughts and the external environment.

It’s about coming back to our sense, being in touch with ourselves, with others and our surroundings in the present moment.  it is a natural and an intuitive state of presence in which we can feel more connected, real and alive.

All meditations are sourced from Yuan Tze Qigong and Buddhist/Daoist Teachings.