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Yuan Gong & Ren Xue Healing will help you to clear your illness, stiffness and poor health plus aches and pains, in turn improve your body and mind health through intensive full time practice.  It will strengthen your conciousness and increase your ability to be more in control of your life.  


You will discover that the level of your conciousness and wisdom increases…

Especially if you are the carer to someone with cancer or who is sick, this meditation and exercise all-in-one will really help you find energy and wisdom, with the strength you                                                                                       need to cope.  I urge you to give it a                                                                                       go.

Qigong is not a Therapy yet it has a therapeutic effect on the body.

When we are externally focussed we are in a deeply entrenched pattern of behaviour and habit.  A habit so deeply indelibly engraved like the card number on a credit card.  We cannot even see the problems caused by our patterns.  If your mind is constantly observing what other people are doing and you are focussing on YOUR outward appearances then this makes being in a relaxed state difficult.  When we pretend to be enjoying someone’s company – it can be even more Qi and energy depleting.  Unhealthy emotions can damage shen and Qi, especially organ Qi.

Practicing Qigong can bring you vitality and relaxation you did not know possible and strengthen the power of your mind.  Suitable for 11 yrs to 111yrs!

Contact me for one to one teaching or where my next class is to be held.

Classes are 1.5hrs.  Wear warm clothing, thick socks.  We work from the inside out.

Learn about Master Yuan Tze here:

Face Book – UK Yuan Gong Qigong & Ren Xue

*Disclaimer Results of treatment differ from person to person as each person is unique


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